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Biz Kid$ Season 4 Box Set

Biz Kid$ Season 4 Box Set

Biz Kid$ Season 4 Box Set

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Biz Kid$ box set includes DVDs for each episode of Season 4 and a CD containing PDFs of the curriculum for each episode.

Season Four Episodes
301 Are You Financially Literate?
302 Wheel of Misfortune
303 More Bang for Your Buck
304 Where is My Allowance?
305 Escape the Box
401 A World Without Taxes
402 Debt: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
403 Your First Big Purchase
404 What’s Up With the Stock Market?
405 Crash Course On Starting a Business
406 How to Make a Million Bucks!
407 Scram-a-rama (Protect Yourself From Being Scammed)
408 The Value of Money 

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