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Biz Kid$ Season 1 Box Set

Biz Kid$ Season 1 Box Set

Biz Kid$ Season 1 Box Set

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Biz Kid$ box set includes DVDs for each episode of Season 1 and a CD containing PDFs of the curriculum for each episode.


Season One Episodes
101 What is a Biz Kid?
102 What is Money?
103 How Do You Get Money?
104 What Can You Do With Money?
105 Money Moves
106 Take Charge of Your Financial Future
107 A Biz: What Is It?
108 How to Succeed in Biz-ness by Really Trying!
109 Cash and Credit
110 How to Achieve Your Financial Goals
111 Don’t Blow Your Dough
112 Introducing Entrepreneurs
113 The Biz Kid$ Challenge

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